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Leave a Google review We just wanted to say a big Thank you for helping make our Wedding day so special. Providence Gully was perfect, with its rustic style barn and Tuscan style outdoor area with beautiful vines and garden....

We just wanted to say a big Thank you for helping make our Wedding day so special. Providence Gully was perfect, with its rustic style barn and Tuscan style outdoor area with beautiful vines and garden. We had lots of great feedback from our guests about the venue, with the outdoor games being a big hit.

Your guidance and expertise were invaluable. The additional floral arrangements you created were amazing making the venue look even more spectacular. The barman was so helpful and friendly. The wedding day ran so smoothly due to your attention to every detail. We had a great day and are so glad we chose Providence Gully to celebrate our Wedding. Donna and Col
D & C 
Jan 2024

We’ve been meaning to reach out and say a massive thank you for supporting us to have THE BEST WEDDING DAY EVER!
We had an amazing time and all of our guests raved about the day. Your staff were amazing and everything ran so smoothly thanks to all your hard work behind the scenes.
L & R  
March 2019

Now that the honeymoon and wedding chaos has subsided, we wanted to say again how incredibly grateful we are for all that you have done for us to make such an absolutely perfect wedding. Every guest praised the venue and were in awe of how beautiful it was, and loved all the games.  The staff and service was absolutely incredible and we couldn’t be more pleased with how relaxed, helpful and organised everybody was.  There is no way our wedding would have been half as wonderful if it wasn’t at Providence Gully.
M & A  
March 2018

Married life is wonderful, I really did marry my best friend. 🙂
We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to celebrate our special day on your property.
T & S

March 2018

It was a lovely day and all our guests have raved about the beautiful setting that you have created.

We will forever be grateful for your support and guidance in helping us pull off our day. Your expertise and advice as well as the professionalism of all staff did not go unnoticed.
S & M
March 2018

We wanted to thank you so much for hosting our wedding day. It was such a magical day for us and we can’t wipe the smile from our faces And the idea nothing went wrong still astounds me haha. The venue and you truly made it so special and we won’t ever forget it 🙂
B & D
March 2018

Thanks again for helping us organise an amazing wedding. It was everything we wanted it to be and you were so helpful yesterday and throughout the planning process! You have a truly unique and gorgeous venue out there – we received so many compliments!
H & J
Nov 2017

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work, your generosity and patience. Our wedding was perfectly ‘us’, relaxed, low- key and fun. Your communication, attention to detail and professionalism made it the best weekend ever!
H & L
March 2017
I fell in love with providence gully long ago, and when taking Daniel there for the first time, it was wonderful that he felt the same. It was a place where we could create the day that we had always in visioned. We self catered, something we would not have been able to do else where. we had the atmosphere we desired with the calming, homely feeling of the barn and orchards. We had privacy and so many wonderful spots for photos, they are what I had always dreamed of. Claire became more than just a venue owner, a friend and someone who was there for us at all stages. Claire helped shape our day, she trusted the choices we made, she gave us peace of mind that things would be where they should, when they should and that if something arose there was a plan in place. Providence gully for us will always hold a special peace of our hearts. We truly could not have had the day we did anywhere else. A perfect start to our happily ever after.
S & D
Feb 2017

Stunning and Clare and Trevor are so creative!

F & K

Providence Gully is such an amazing venue and Clare looked after us so well! Being able to bring in your own external caterers/decorations/music etc was perfect for our wedding. It was a refreshing change to not be boxed into a package

K & C

Perfect rustic venue for my wife and I. Loved the barn, gardens and olive grove for our ceremony. Very happy with the venue and the personalised service was amazing! Highly recommended!

K & Z

We felt that the whole experience was wonderful and that you and your husband were very helpful, going beyond what we expected. The ability to do our own thing, having you there for advice/guidance and having so much stuff for us to use, allowed us to create a wedding that we felt reflected us. The only advice maybe would be to allow set up a little earlier, but apart that Providence Gully was everything we hoped for and more! My parents absolutely loved your property and thought you were extremely generous ! We both so happy we decided to go with the not so mainstream wedding. Thank you so much for everything.

E & T 
April 2016

Thank you is not enough. You helped give us a wedding of our wildest dreams!
We are so grateful for all the love and hard work you put into our big day. It was the best day of our lives. xx

K & L
April 2016

In terms of feedback, I’ve nothing but positive thoughts to convey, I loved Providence Gully from the minute I saw it, and it was truly amazing to see it all unfold in a very fun and relaxed way on the day. It was exactly what we wanted, something easy and relaxing, yet stylish and elegant in a simple pared back way. That’s who we are, and that’s what we knew our family and friends would enjoy. I found you to be very accessible and helpful (as was Trev), and it occurred to me after the day that your presence during the ceremony/reception was perfect, you were there doing what needed to be done, but I didn’t have another person requiring my attention as that is something I found to be the most tiring thing throughout the whole process.

I really enjoyed your assistance in setting up, and haven’t yet thanked you for the work you did on the wedding morning, everything looked spot on and one of my favourite moments was standing up under the gum tree we had our ceremony under and looking back on the barn and bar all lit up, everyone was in full party mode, it was a great sight.

I also appreciated the flexibility you offered in terms of catering, supply of beverages etc. as it allowed me to involve people I knew and create a really personal experience.

All in all, 10/10, you’re great at what you do and I’m very thankful I was able to get married on your property.

L & M. March 2016

Hi Clare

We’d both like to say thank-you very much for doing everything you could to make our wedding a tremendous day. We have heard many times from our friends and family that they really liked the beautiful setting and relaxed atmosphere at Providence Gully.

When I discussed with Jessie yesterday what feedback we had it was mostly that we were blown away by how much work you had done. We expected to be spending much of the Friday evening setting things up, but you had done so much of that already that it made our set-up very straight forward. We found your advice very useful regarding catering, drinks, logistics and so on. You were relaxed and flexible about catering, ceremony location, configuration of the inside of the barn which made the whole event feel like we were able to really make it our own.

No gripes or complaints. We couldn’t be happier with how the whole process went.
I’d also like to say thanks again for being so accomodating with regard to our friend who needed to list your phone number for his heart transplant team to call if necessary.

Thanks again for everything you did to help make our wedding terrific!

J & T March 2015

Hi Clare,

S and I were really happy with Providence and your level of support. Thank you for everything.
We have posted you a CD of images if you want to put them up for advertising- just please credit the photographers
Over all it went really well and we thank you for it.

Kind Regards
C & S Nov 2014

Hi Clare,

We are so very happy, everything was perfect. Thanks again for letting us have our special day at your property. Everyone was so blown away by the beautiful setting. Thanks again for our tree also. It’s so nice to have a piece of Providence Gully, a very nice touch indeed. My dad was so impressed by your place that he suggested we hire it for an anniversary. Might ask if he can foot the bill on that one ha ha. You were great and always there if I had any questions. There are no areas of improvement from our end, you were very accommodating and I really felt I could rely on you, which is so important.

I can’t wait to get the photos and see what Darin captured.

Thanks again for everything Clare xx

A & D Sept 2014

Hi Clare,

I am so sorry I haven’t been in touch yet to say a huge “thank you” to both you and Trevor for all your help before, during and after our big day. I’ve been waiting to get some photos so I could email them to you for your website. I just mentioned to Owen this evening that I was feeling bad for leaving it so long, but we’re expecting his dad’s finished file of photos in the next day or two, so I figured I would just wait until then. When we do get them, I will certainly forward some on, and feel free to send them to polka dot bride, too. I will also be telling every bride-to-be I come across for the rest of my life that Providence Gully is the absolute best place in the world to have a wedding!

Clare, I can’t begin to tell you how much we loved the day. So many people said it was the best wedding they’d ever been to, including even some people who had only fairly recently got married themselves! The rain certainly didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits (pardon the pun). In fact, I think it worked out well for us, because with a group of only 51 guests, it would actually have been a bit scattered if there had been some people inside the barn, some in the courtyard, and more playing games elsewhere. I think the fact that we were all together in the barn really added to the atmosphere, and encouraged people to get up and dance, which I was really pleased about. And I was so glad that we got to have our ceremony outdoors before the rain started. Some pics have started coming in from guests, and the whole thing just looks stunning. It was our absolute dream wedding, and we still can hardly believe it all went so perfectly well.

I just asked Owen if he had any “constructive criticism”, and he burst out laughing! We have absolutely nothing but good things to say about the venue and about you and Trevor. Your help and advice was invaluable all through the planning process, and your calm presence on the day was hugely reassuring. Thank you so much for dashing to the shop for soft drinks, too. I still can’t believe we came away with so much leftover wine and beer, but ran out of soft drinks. We must have a very poor view of our guests.

Well, I’ll sign off and will get back in touch as soon as we have photos, I promise.

F & O
Jan 2014

Hello Clare,

Back up in QLD already and poor Dan is back to work.

We would just like to say a big big thank-you for an amazing day. It truly was special and Dan and I plus all of our guests loved every minute.

I just had all of our guest coming up saying “where did you find this place it is amazing”. All your help and guidance in the organisational stage and on the day was great, we cant thank you enough. The sun shinning down on us all day was perfect to.

We had some sore heads the next day but a huge thumbs up from everyone. Such a wonderful and unique venue for us to get married in.

Also thank you so much for our tree that is truly thoughtful mum is going to look after the tree till we get back from QLD. Once we get the professional photos through we will send some on.

Thanks again.

D & E
Nov 2013

Dear Clare,

We just wanted to say a special thank you for our very special wedding at Providence Gully. We have had so many guests message us to say it was the best wedding they have ever been to! Everyone felt relaxed in the beautiful natural surrounds and loved the rustic ambiance of the Barn. My breath was taken away when I walked down the Olive Grove to see everyone seated in the apple orchard it was so charming and romantic. The alfresco setting under the branches of the Walnut Tree made us all feel like we were in Tuscany! It was wonderful to see the younger guests enjoying themselves with the freedom to run and play too.

I would like to thank the friendly and professional bar staff as everything ran so smoothly (and I loved the actual Bar it was a stunning piece of work!)

Thank you especially to you Clare, your vision, practical advice and friendly manner as you made the DIY aspect work whilst allowing for personal touches and ideas.

Providence Gully is a special place that will always be in our hearts. I planted our beautiful Bay Tree yesterday and I have put it near the front door of our house as reminder.

We will be recommending Providence Gully to other couples that maybe looking for a special country venue.


We had a fabulous wedding day at Providence Gully – a day we will always remember as one of lots of joy, fun, love and friendliness. We chose Providence Gully because we wanted a wedding that was relaxed, fun and natural whilst still being stylish. Providence Gully was perfect with it’s beautiful gardens mixed with Australian ‘bush’ feel, refitted barn, and location near two gorgeous country towns – Daylesford and Castlemaine.

One of the other great things about Providence Gully was that we could have more control over the key elements of the day than with most venues – we were able to choose our own caterers, alcohol, decorating and even which parts of the venue to use and not to use (the options abound). Throughout the process Clare was a great support, and in particular on the day we owe great thanks to Clare and Trevor ensuring it all went smoothly.

Our friends continue to talk about what a wonderful wedding our was, and we continue to go back through the photos to relive the day. Providence Gully is a gem for a wedding that is a bit different, and a lot of fun – thanks again Clare and Trevor!


Hi Clare

Thank you. Everyone was very very happy and grateful, especially to you and Trevor.
You know it takes a special couple who have vision to really appreciate your gorgeous property
I hope u lift your fees. Lessons learned by all :))
Clare I think u and Trevor r extremely giving and special people who take joy in watching others happiness.
I will send you some photos for your portfolio.
Thank you again xxx


” Providence…. I only got positive vibes for you baby! Your property allowed me to create and have the wedding I dreamt of – one that was uniquely Chris and I. There is no way that I would’ve been able to flex my creative muscle to that degree at a boring ol’ reception centre – so for that I thank you.
I’m really not sure if I could suggest anything to improve upon – seeing as the venue fit the bill for what I was looking to do. I guess some brides may like more included ie. furniture etc but to me, that was the appeal of the place and I would hope that the weddings Providence attracts would be brides looking to do the same thing as me as that’s what sets it apart from the rest… that and its beauty. The more little quirky bits and pieces you pick up here and there such as the arch and the pews will only add to it’s specialness.

We would also like to sincerely thank both you and Trevor for the extra measures you both went too, to ensure that our day was perfect – It was very much appreciated by us both and by my parents. Haha, Trevor would’ve been cursing me but I’m glad we over ordered on the flowers – as your arrangements looked amazing and helped make the vision I had in mind a reality. I found you both extremely approachable and accommodating throughout our entire dealings – so thank you for making the process so easy and not stuffy and pretentious – which is what I hear you often find in the wedding world.

There was a whole lotta love in Providence that day – I’m a big believer in good attracts good therefore we’ve both attracted good people to share in our lives.

It makes me sad to say in closing – it cant be the end! Thank you! Thank you! I wish you and Trevor every success and if the business ever gets so large that it needs a wedding styler/ event coordinator then keep me in mind, I work for cheap!
Thank you for our special little tree.

I’ll be in touch with some professional happy snaps!”

Mrs F

Hi Clare 🙂

Still getting amazing, gushing responses from our family and friends about our wedding…that it was such a happy and magic weekend and everyone had such a great time!!!

L & K