Hello Mrs Tulle & Mrs Lace

Well I am very happy to introduce you to my very special helpers. They have both recently ‘tied the knot’ and they bring to this blog the wealth of first hand information from the brides (& new Mr) perspective, while its all fresh in their minds. So I sent  these gorgeous girls a list of questions and today are their first replies . I am very interested to see how they and their partners approached the ‘wedding planning’ from the moment the dived in. Here are the first Q &A s………..

After your feet hit the ground from the engagement, what was the first wedding plans you & your now husband made?

Mrs Tulle……

The first discussions and plans were made around where we wanted to get married, we live in Melbourne, however are both from the country, and our farming families still live locally. Therefore, we both felt really strongly about finding somewhere that truly reflected who we are, and from there, quickly narrowed it down to be in the central Victorian area, accessible for both ourselves and our guests.

Mrs Lace……..

We got engaged in Paris (I know, the romance!) in August 2014. We were living and working over in the UK at the time so we often took advantage of the cheap flights abroad. Our visas were ending in January 2015 so we were due to come home very soon after the engagement.
If I remember correctly the first thing we did was decide whether to wait until we got home and plan our wedding or whether to organise it in 3 months and surprise our friends and family on our return from the UK. I loved the idea of having a surprise wedding. I always thought the build up of a wedding over months and months would turn me into a nervous wreck, so the idea of keeping it all a secret and making it a surprise really appealed to me. On the flip side though, I soon discovered my new found obsession with online wedding blogs, and I really began to get engrossed in (aka procrastinate) the whole planning/research side of things. Also I’m notoriously lazy and planning a surprise wedding from a couple of thousand miles away was, let’s face it, never going to happen![/vc_column][/vc_row]

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