My Weekend

I have just experienced an amazing weekend. I attended a wedding – you are probably thinking that this is a regular event for me considering I have a venue, but the big difference this time , I wasn’t in the background but instead the official MOB!

This was a wonderful day of family and friends gathering to celebrate but it was much much more, now I have had a chance to reflect. Everybody contributed and added – from girlfriends jumping in to style the venue, relatives fresh off a o/ s flight raking and tending gardens, brothers driving all over town to purchase the authentic drinks to go with wedding menu, relatives growing herbs for table deco,sisters decorating cakes, sisters laws working their magic  with make up to turn us into beauties, neighbours dropping in freshly picked apples for us to munch  on while doing the set up, lots of coffee and continual chatter about the next day. Of course the morning of ,was crazy but still pretty calm and again more friends delivering flowers, setting tables and fluffing and fussing and everyone so excited. To be honest it wasn’t until I got to where the ceremony was to be held that I felt totally surreal. All the couples friends beaming and looking very glam and extended families joking around, whilst all the couples younger nieces and nephews gathered together to walk the bride up to her soon to be husband.The ceremony was happy and loving which just reflected the couple to a ‘t’, with a touch of tearing with a poem read by the couples friend.

Screen shot 2016-03-22 at 11.04.02 AMYummy food, beautiful music, dancing, many toast and laughter saw the night run away too quickly. My husband sat at the table with a shell shock look on his face when everyone was gone saying, “I can’t believe it’s over, it all went too fast”.

So now I have been on the other side of my wedding venue and now I can truly relate to the gorgeous smile that a fob wears (after the speeches) and the mob kicking up her heels on the dance floor and the endless happiness and magic that comes with a wonderful family wedding.

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