Pomegranate season

Pomegranates bursting with rich red jewels indicate to me that we are well into Autumn and the end of wedding season for 2015/16. It was a lovely season with plenty of variety (including the weather, 43 degrees was one very hot wedding). I am always amazed how every couple see Providence Gully in a different light and are able to  decorate  and embellish it in such a way that it reflects their own style and personality. It never fails that at some point during a wedding, a relative or friend always remarks to me that this property truely is their couple to a ‘T’ . I absolutely love how everyone can turn Providence Gully into their special place and at the end of the season the Pomegranates indicate that it is time for a winter rest and replenish, so that we can enjoy  season 2016/17, just around the corner!

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