How to de seed pomegranates

Last time I spoke about the pomegranates and how they were ready to harvest and what a beautiful time Autum is. So now I will show you how I easily de seed them and preserve them for later use. They are such an amazing looking fruit even if you don’t want to preserve them but it is worth taking the time and playing around. They are full of vitamins, minerals, folate and fibre and of course now one of the ‘super foods’

  1. Break or cut them open
  2. Just like shelling peas, gently rub them off skin into a bowl






Fill the bowl with water and you will see all the plith rise to the top making it easy to pick out (you only want the jewels). Once you have done this using a strainer, shake off water and place on paper towel. imageimage


Now you can place in zip lock bags ( I fill so that I can flat stack in freezer).  Easy to sprinkle over a salad or add to your favourite roast .

Also use over size ice trays – ideal to use in a drink dispenser with water for a refreshing drink in the warmer months.

Using smaller ice trays and you have a new take on ‘gin & tonic.


Everywhere you use a lemon you can use pomegranate!

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