Tulle & Lace – Pampering before the big day

Did you include some pampering before your wedding? Facial, massage, yoga session?

Yes, myself and my bridesmaids firstly treated ourselves to a lunch date in Daylesford a few months out to walk through the venue again and refocus my plans, and then the day before we enjoyed manicures and pedicures together.



I always had the intention to take my girlfriends out for a pampering session in Daylesford the afternoon before the big day, but unfortunately, I drastically underestimated how many small tasks there were to finish off! These consisted of, but weren’t limited to – creating hanging floral arrangements, writing game names on black boards, ironing all the table cloths, finishing off flower crowns for flower girls, tying table name tags to bread rolls etc etc …there were so many nitty gritty things to get done. I feel awful that we didn’t get a chance to properly relax, but I suppose thats what I get for thinking I could achieve so many DIY projects!

We literally could have worked all through the night, but I suspect my patient pals would of politely pointed out that I was turning into a crazy bridezilla and subsequently left me, surrounded by remnants of decorations, ironing boards and table cloths.

Happily, it didn’t come to that. Instead our version of pampering came in the form of a girly chat over a bottle of red, while making flower crowns and table decorations 🌸


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