Set up Day


Were you ok to delegate to your team on set up day?

Yes, and thank goodness for them as I would never have been able to get it all done. They were very supportive, and Clare was amazing at guiding me through it all.



I actually had more of a set up week than just one day (very bridezilla of me I know!) Because we live in Sydney and were getting married in Victoria we felt that we needed a bit more time to get everything organised and all the loose ends tied up. As many of my helpers were actually my family members and close friends we had no problem delegating tasks to them throughout the week, mostly they were happy to help out (or at least thats what they said!)

On the actual day I had 2 of my close girlfriends help setting up the barn and doing last minute tasks. They were so amazing, helping out with anything I threw on them, even making 6 flower crowns for the flower girls at the eleventh hour! They did it all with a smile on their face and a wine in their hand!

Of course none of the day would have been possible without the constant support from my family. From creating wooden table runners & hanging festoon lights to potting herbs for favours & ironing tablecloths, they were part of it all!

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