Tulle & Lace on catering



There are so many talented caterers out there how do you choose one that will cover all the dietary needs that your guests may have?

This was an easy one for me as I’ve known my caterer for a number of years and had full confidence in her abilities, even more so because I was the only person with dietary requirements, being a vegetarian!

To be honest when we were picking our caterer we were being totally selfish and only thinking of what we liked to eat and not the dietary requirements of our guests! whoops! We both absolutely love tapas and the casual sharing atmosphere it creates. Although tapas is usually used at cocktail style weddings we still wanted the structure of a sit down meal without the formalities of a 3 course dinner so sharing plates of tapas and paella was perfect. We found an amazing Spanish cafe in Ballarat called Meigas Cafe. They had done one other wedding at Providence Gully so they seemed like the perfect choice! Also, when we did start to think about our guests, they were really flexible and were able to adjust the menu to include a vegetarian and seafood free option.

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