Tulle & Lace – time together

I often tell couples that it is important to have ‘couple time ‘ during your planning, because – you must never loose the most important people in this planning. What was you special time together? ( dance lessons? An evening dinner without mentioning the plans?)

For us it was about ensuring throughout the planning process that our decisions always reflected us as a couple, not as an individual, or one person more than the other. Therefore, we made a concerted effort to divvy up jobs so we each played a significant role in how it was all going to come together. This was our special time, sharing our experiences, discussing options and prices etc. before finalising details.📑

We didn’t explicitly make plans to have couple time together, but we did do dance lessons together (in preparation for the wedding). It was actually really fun, and definitely not something we would usually do. We would also do other things like go for a run together to clear our minds or just go out for a casual dinner. We are both pretty easy going so the whole wedding planning process never really got the better of us, I think secretly we both really enjoyed it!💃🏻

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